The Dude’s Abode
The Rookery
This holiday season, celebrate "Dudism" at THE DUDE’S ABODE. Enter the dream world of The Dude, and enjoy The Big Lebowski inspired cocktails, such as "Bunny's Toe", "STFU, Donny", and "World of Pain", as we put on some Creedence, kick back, and enjoy some Smirnoff, Kahlúa and Cream on the rocks.

“I am a huge Coen brothers fan, and this is a fan tribute to one of my favorite films," says Chris Montgomery, owner/partner of The Rookery.

Careful man, there’s a beverage here! Featuring movie inspired specialty cocktails you won't want to spill, like a trio of different kinds of White Russians for the three different Lebowski tastes all unpretentiously crafted by The Rookery beverage director, Alex Brick.
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The Dude’s Abode – The Dude The Dude’s Abode – STFU Donny The Dude’s Abode – World of Pain The Dude’s Abode – Nobody Fucks With The JesusThe Dude’s Abode – The Big LebowskiThe Dude’s Abode – The NihilistThe Dude’s Abode – Bunny’s Toe