Belle & Sebastian Night
Back in 2009, inspired by a reference in the John Cusack movie 'High Fidelity' set in Wicker Park, Chicago hundreds of hand silk-screened posters hit the streets of Chicago, each featuring a local musician, artist or personality with a quote from a Belle & Sebastian song. The mod-style design of the prints were influenced by Belle & Sebastian album art and created an instant buzz. This website was launched, which allowed fans to create their own personal album art using their webcam and submit the photo to social networking websites.

All of this effort culminated in a live event featuring the music of Belle & Sebastian performed by various local bands and DJs. The event also featured free live t-shirt silk screening and a mod-style photo booth to commemorate the experience. The goal was to create the next generation's "Smiths Night" and thus Belle & Sebastian Night was born.

Buoyed by a successful run over the years, Belle & Sebastian Night culminated in DJ performances by Belle & Sebastian's Richard Colburn and a dance party featuring the entire band after headlining Pitchfork Music Festival 2013.
Creative Director ⭑ Producer