Room 237
Chicago winters can make you go a little crazy. But, you won’t have to give your goddamn soul for a drink here.

Welcome to Room 237 – an experiential pop-up bar based on The Shining, where you drink with actors playing characters like Jack Torrance, as he gets crazier and crazier through the night. Wendy is fortunately pretty good with a bat.

The Grady Twins appear randomly throughout the night. But guests to Room 237 are also seen as ghosts – so you can play with us forever and ever. So don't be surprised if you make Jack and Wendy a little nervous.

To calm your nerves, enjoy a themed cocktail from the best goddamn bartender from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine. (Or Portland Oregon, for that matter). Try a chartreuse-soaked “Hedge Maze”, mysteriously star-laden “Apollo 11”, or the murderously delicious “Redrum”. And don’t be scared to just order a bourbon on the rocks. Because, you've always been the caretaker. Step back in time into a different world that will electrify your nights, and haunt your days.
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