May 01, 2021
HoneyWired and Leo Burnett Win at 2021 Webby Awards for “Ugly Gerry” Campaign
Gerrymandering Font wins in Online Guerrilla & Innovation category
We’re proud to announce that HoneyWired, in partnership with Leo Burnett, has won a Webby Award in the Online Guerrilla & Innovation category for our work on the “Ugly Gerry” campaign. This project featured a unique font created by Leo Burnett, shaped from gerrymandered congressional districts, aimed at highlighting the issue of gerrymandering.

HoneyWired’s role as the digital partner was pivotal, developing an innovative online tool that used geolocation to connect users with their Congressional Representatives. This feature allowed users to send messages in the “Ugly Gerry” font directly to their representatives, facilitating impactful political engagement.

This Webby Award is a testament to our commitment to using digital innovation for meaningful social change. Congratulations to everyone involved in the “Ugly Gerry” campaign for this outstanding achievement.