Jun 19, 2023
Join the Hunt for WWII Most Wanted Art at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
Hidden around Cannes are playing cards with clues to priceless missing masterpieces.
This year at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, HoneyWired, in partnership with the Monuments Men and Women Foundation, is introducing an engaging and educational treasure hunt. We’ve hidden playing cards around Cannes, each card offering clues linked to priceless artworks lost during World War II. This innovative stunt invites festival-goers to join the hunt for these missing masterpieces, turning the event into a mystery worth dealing with.

What is Cannes Lions?
Cannes Lions is the global benchmark for creativity in branding, advertising, and marketing. Held annually in Cannes, France, this festival celebrates the most imaginative and effective advertising campaigns and innovations from around the world. It's a meeting ground for industry leaders and creative professionals seeking to push the boundaries of marketing.

About the WWII Most Wanted Art™ Playing Cards:
The WWII Most Wanted Art™ Playing Cards are a creation of HoneyWired designed to raise awareness about artworks looted during the war, which remain unreturned. Each card in the deck features a different lost artwork, detailing its historical and cultural significance, and the story behind its disappearance. These cards are not just educational tools; they are part of a larger effort to assist in the recovery of lost cultural heritage.

Why This Stunt at Cannes Lions?
By incorporating the WWII Most Wanted Art™ Playing Cards into a scavenger hunt at Cannes Lions, HoneyWired leverages the creative spirit of the festival to highlight an important global issue—the recovery of stolen art. It's a fun, interactive way to engage attendees, making them part of a live-action mystery while educating them about a significant historical matter. Participants are not only hunters but also potential helpers in the global effort to locate and repatriate lost artworks.

Come experience the thrill of the hunt and learn about the world’s missing cultural treasures. For those eager to start immediately or continue the search post-festival, the complete deck is available for purchase at Monuments Men and Women Foundation.

Join us at Cannes Lions 2023 to blend creativity with historical discovery in a pursuit that extends beyond art and into the heart of our shared cultural heritage.