Sep 02, 2021
HoneyWired’s “Monet and Chicago” Snapchat Lens Wins Silver at 2021 Muse Creative Awards
A Snapchat Lens that puts Chicagoans into a Monet painting wins Silver in the Social Media - Arts & Culture category for The Art Institute of Chicago.
HoneyWired is excited to announce that our Snapchat AR lens, designed for the “Monet and Chicago” exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago, has won a Silver at the 2021 Muse Creative Awards in the Social Media - Arts & Culture category.

A Portal to Monet's Water Lilies:
In celebration of the reopening of art museums in Chicago, HoneyWired developed a unique Snapchat lens that immerses users in the tranquil world of Monet’s water lilies. This creative lens transforms users’ reflections as if they are gazing into the water of Monet’s famous lily pond at Giverny, with their images blending into the lush, impressionistic setting of the painting. This interactive experience allows visitors to become part of one of the most iconic series in art history, seeing themselves integrated into the serene water landscapes that Monet revered.

Honoring a Historical Connection:
The Art Institute of Chicago was the first American museum to acquire a painting by Monet, and it now houses the largest collection of his works outside of Paris. Our AR lens pays tribute to this deep connection by providing an innovative way for museum-goers and digital users alike to engage with Monet’s art. It bridges historical significance with contemporary technology, enhancing the appreciation of Monet’s work through a modern lens.

Recognition of Innovation:
Winning a Silver award at the Muse Creative Awards highlights our commitment to fusing technology with the arts. The award acknowledges our efforts to make art accessible and engaging for a new generation through digital innovation, particularly in how we allow people to experience art in interactive, personal ways.

We thank the Art Institute of Chicago for the opportunity to collaborate on this groundbreaking project and the Muse Creative Awards for recognizing our work. HoneyWired continues to explore new frontiers at the intersection of art and technology, ensuring that timeless works like Monet’s water lilies resonate with audiences around the globe.