Feb 02, 2024
HoneyWired Launches New Shopify Website for Buffy Protein Dips
Meet Buffy. Or should we say meat Buffy? We should. Buffy is a delicious, first-of-its-kind protein-dense dip made from real meat.

HoneyWired created the colorful digital presence of Buffy on the Shopify platform. Featuring “Dip Drip”, where fans can buy Buffy fashion.
HoneyWired is excited to announce the launch of the newly designed Shopify website for Buffy Protein Dips, a pioneer in protein-dense, flavor-packed dips. As a digital partner, we are proud to have crafted a vibrant and user-friendly online presence that embodies Buffy’s bold and innovative spirit.

Website Features Our collaboration with Buffy focused on creating a digital space that not only showcases their delicious dip flavors—like Hearty Artichoke, Whoa Buffalo, and Power Pesto—but also tells the compelling story of their mission. The new website allows visitors to explore Buffy’s commitment to sustainability and high-quality, protein-rich snacks. It features detailed sections about the founders, Emily Williams and Audrey Melville, and offers an engaging platform for customers to discover recipes and learn more about the brand’s journey.

“Dip Drip” Merchandise: In addition to the website, we helped launch Buffy’s exclusive “Dip Drip” branded merchandise line. This collection goes beyond typical apparel, offering a unique way for fans to make a statement about their lifestyle, whether they’re gym enthusiasts, culinary adventurers, or smart snackers. The “Dip Drip” gear is designed to let customers wear their snack pride literally on their sleeves.

A Seamless Shopping Experience: Integrating Shopify’s robust e-commerce capabilities, we ensured that the new website is not only visually appealing but also highly functional, providing a seamless shopping experience for all users. From browsing products to checking out, every step is streamlined and secure.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our partners at Kyle Dunagan Poff of Studio Please, LUCKYPRINTS, David Schermer, Paul Earle, and everyone involved in bringing this project to fruition.

Explore the new Buffy Protein Dips website and dive into the world of tasty, protein-packed snacks and stylish "Dip Drip" merchandise at buffyprotein.com.

Thank you, Buffy Protein Dips, for trusting HoneyWired to help bring your digital vision to life. We look forward to continuing our partnership and seeing where this bold new digital journey takes us.