Apr 24, 2024
HoneyWired Creative Director to Judge at the 2024 Davey Awards
Spotlight on Innovation: Leading the Way in Recognizing Small Agency Creativity
HoneyWired is excited to announce that Creative Director Kevin McGlone has been selected as a juror for the 2024 Davey Awards. Organized by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts (AIVA), the Davey Awards specifically celebrate the creative achievements of smaller agencies and teams, showcasing exceptional work in the realms of interactive and visual arts.

The Davey Awards, now in their 20th year, offer a unique platform for smaller creative teams to be acknowledged on a large scale, highlighting their innovative and effective campaigns. As an AIVA juror, Kevin will be instrumental in reviewing entries and identifying standout projects that push the boundaries of creativity and design.

Kevin expressed his excitement about the opportunity, stating, "As an AIVA Juror, I’m excited to begin reviewing entries and bring recognition to the innovative work created by smaller teams." This role not only highlights his expertise in creative direction but also underscores HoneyWired’s commitment to supporting and promoting industry excellence across all scales of operation.

For those interested in entering their work in the 2024 Davey Awards or learning more about the competition and its mission, visit daveyawards.com.