Apr 01, 2021
HoneyWired Celebrates Silver at the 2021 Clio Awards for “Ugly Gerry”
The font made of gerrymandered congressional districts wins big in Digital/Mobile category.
We are thrilled to announce that HoneyWired played a pivotal role in the “Ugly Gerry” campaign, which has been honored with a Silver award at the prestigious 2021 Clio Awards. This recognition is a testament to the innovative spirit and commitment of our team towards pushing the boundaries of digital and mobile advertising.

“Ugly Gerry” is a creative initiative spearheaded by Leo Burnett Chicago for the non-profit organization RepresentUs, aimed at highlighting the issue of gerrymandering in American politics. The campaign features a font created from shapes of gerrymandered congressional districts, cleverly bringing attention to the absurdity of these irregularly shaped districts and the serious issue of voter disenfranchisement.

HoneyWired’s pivotal role in the “Ugly Gerry” campaign involved developing a dynamic website that utilized geo-location technology to identify users’ Congressional Representatives. Our platform enabled users to send messages in the “Ugly Gerry” font directly to their representatives, facilitating a unique form of visual protest and dialogue. This integration of technology and user engagement was critical in raising awareness and driving action against gerrymandering.

This Clio Silver award recognizes our commitment to digital innovation and social advocacy, reinforcing our mission to create impactful and engaging digital experiences that empower users and promote political transparency.

Thank you to the Clio Awards for this honor, and congratulations to everyone involved in the "Ugly Gerry" campaign. Here’s to continuing to create work that not only stands out in the digital landscape but also makes a difference.